People want safe streets.

They want their kids to have a solid education.

They want jobs.

They want honest government.
They want an alderman who knows the 37th ward belongs to its people and NOT to the Chicago ‘Machine’ and its donors.

The people of the 37th ward work hard and play by the rules.

As Alderman, so will I.

Corey’s concerns for the 37th Ward revolve around four specific areas: economic development, safety, education and corruption…but those are his concerns. What he cares about more are his neighbors’ problems and how he can bring resources to help solve those problems.

First on this agenda is encouraging neighbors to engage in political process, first of all by getting informed and voting. Corey believes that an engaged citizenry is empowered to advocate for itself and can solved societal problems.

As a community advocate and candidate, Corey’s been listening to his neighbor and learning what they care about. As alderman he’ll continuing listening to his neighbors’ concerns and partnering with them to make progress toward a better quality of life for each and everyone in the 37th ward and all of Chicago.

You can expect he’ll have open office hours and be organizing some town hall meetings.